Improve your skills, Think forward with NF Training .

Capacity Development for self construction

Our training vision revolves around the concept of “Capacity Development for self construction”.

Take into account the available of clients human capacity, we at NF Consulting are building the training programs accordingly, where we

maximize NF advisers capabilities to help assessing and understanding the needs, analyzing the failures areas within the organization.

Previously said, we provides a comprehensive solution to the problems that have been identified, thereafter, we design programs carefully to address those problems; meeting the organization ambitious needs. NF does not stop here, we ensure the efficacy of the progressive by evaluating what has been implemented and determine the level of interest earned as well as the staff ability to transfer and exchange these earned skills within the workplace.

 When designing the training programs NF takes in its mind the concept of interactive learning, ideas exchange, the study of similar cases, the use of a pilot tools, and technologies that contribute to enrich the workshops, training courses which offered by NF Consulting to public and private sector along.

Continuous development and increasing efficiency

 Quality rehabilitation programs focused at decision-makers in order to enable them to develop plans and find solutions to increase the efficiency of the work scope development, to ensure the ability to:
Planning the strategic expansions within the production of goods and services
Crisis management.
Preparing the marketing plans throughout the marketing strategies.
Finding administrative problems solutions associated with the market.
Developing promotional mediums and marketing tools and targeting new markets.

Personal skills development.

It is important to develop the capabilities and skills of managers and employees together in the business environment, keeping up with the latest information technology developments and other related areas, with a focus on addressing the weaknesses and the imbalance of the process through personal skills development.

Marketing and sales Staff

Based on the mechanism of the marketing staff preparation and according to the contemporary marketing concepts, NF Consulting contributes to the staff rehabilitation within the organization, depending on the scientific foundations that illustrate the importance of following:
Build marketing strategies.
Modern concepts of the marketing function and develop the skills required to manage the marketing plans.
Identify future vision and targeted market.
preparing the marketing plans, stages, mix, and policies.
Marketing strategies for services and products in light of the competition.
the marketing techniques which will maximize the market quota
comprehensive methods to deal with competitors
• develop the persuasion skills so that gain the highest returns from the products and services.