Hassan Al-Fakih

National Falcon


Nabil Hassan Al-Fakih

National Falcon FOUNDER

Word of the founder

The contribution of consultation companies in supporting the sector of finances and business is growing and expanding, thus the idea of founding a professional entity became the goal which made ‘’NF for consultation’’ a stronghold of experience in the field of finances and business.
The company in its folds contains various integrated and developed intellectual and practical leaders and figures with their own distinguished careers.
NF is committed to providing full support to all stages of the business that is assigned to it and sets an evaluation and study for each stage of achievement of practical solutions and alternatives that enable companies to move towards achieving their goals and increase the chances of success.
NF considers dilemmas and problems as opportunities , and difficulties as challenges that can be faced in a studied partnership with stakeholders according to a vision characterized by objectivity, clarity and transparency in a way that enhances the position of companies and achieves the desired stability and steady launch towards the world of finance and business according to studied foundations that ensure expansion, development and keeping pace with age. NF has distinguished itself, especially since we believe that the success of our partners is the renewed success of us that gives us the ambition to develop our performance and consolidate our position as a highly qualified and experienced consultation agency.

Nabil Hassan Alfakih