Other Services

Our legal and financial services are compatible with international standards and consistent with our clients requirements, relying on the professional competence and practical experience for an advisory team and staff. Networking and collaborating with a range of specialist and international firms to ensure the provision of excellent legal and financial consulting.

Legal consulting

With our experienced legal advisors we are working to assist in the negotiations for the best interest of our clients, achieving the contracts conclusion and agreements locally and internationally.
Provide all legal advice on local and International commercial arbitration with submitting all arbitration procedures before all Chambers of Commerce (locally and Internationally).
All legal advice relating to investment, employment, insurance, and tax preparation.. along with execute any legal research, studies, and explanatory laws notes.
Assisting on establishing companies and follow up with all legal proceedings at relevant authorities.
Being part of arbitration of disputes that arise between the contracting parties, giving all legal advice necessary to solve those disputes.
Carry out companies liquidation and dissolution when needed, according to legal procedures to ensure the rights of all parties.

Financial consulting

Developing financial and accounting systems along with internal control systems and all its related programs.
Preparing and developing procurement and cost control management system, in a company with sales and inventory systems and other regulatory systems.
Study and analysis the final financial statements and provide tax consultation.
Providing financial consulting assistance to be used with financial and accounting analysis in rationalizing the decision-making process.
Assuring harmonizing all financial and administration systems according to the organizational approved regulation, by implementing the latest best programs and system available.

Crisis Management

NF company provides crisis control services by helping clients make the right decisions related to the management and conduct of their activity and business, and NF has extensive experience that enables it to provide practical solutions, especially since the company relies on highly qualified experts in the field of managing all crises. Crisis management services include, for example:
-Business reorganization.
–Laying the foundation for debt restructuring.
–Capital restructuring plans. –Evaluate and develop business plans.
–Corporate valuation.
–Review reports and financial statements.
–Funding plans.
–Company formation and transformation processes.
–Strategies to exit investment.

Corporate governance

Governance is one of the most important and necessary processes necessary to ensure the proper functioning of companies and to ensure the integrity of management in them in order to fulfill obligations and pledges, and to ensure that companies and commercial agencies achieve their objectives in an economically effective manner and in accordance with the laws governing business
Therefore, NF seeks to help companies and commercial agencies to implement the governance system, to consolidate a number of performance standards, enhance confidence in companies and support the economic foundations that help companies to reduce the fluctuations leading to falling into financial crises, and provide control means that increase quality and develop performance, which leads to maintaining on interests of all parties.
-Liability and responsibility rules to ensure effective performance of tasks and to the best of capabilities.
The basis of accountability for any administrative decision-maker individual is based on clarification and justification.
-Ensuring fair and equitable treatment to all parties.
– Creating a code of conduct and professional ethics.
– Long-term outlook and vision for sustainability and growth.
-The foundations of transparency for all businesses and the provision of data to those who are concerned