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Why Us

NF provides a complete vision to expand production lines and select the necessary additions to every productions phase, with enhancing the efficiency, and selecting the suitable industrial phases to expand the production of new goods according a strategy that ensures the enhancement of the competitive position of the brand, in order to increase the amount of products, and expending the market share and sales.

Industry Investment

NF is working on business, industrial, and commercial projects development stand-alone or through our partners.
We look at the economic studies of the targeted market to take the right investment decisions and get advantage of opportunities around.
NF is determined to develop a high-quality specifications of food products according to the criteria adopted in the food industry.

Our Message

We Provide Innovative Solutions To Develop Different Types Of Industries In A Scientific Way To Enable Our Clients To Be Distinguished Among Their Rivals

Clients Who Trust Us

The Company has its own distinctive brand of food products with registered trademarks in USA.

Mocha Ben coffee brand as will as Helan Tea tea brand, which is a registered trade mark in USA under registration number (5065276). Both brands are serving the beverage market with a high quality line of products.
Another registered brand called Corona specialized in various types of biscuits and wafers production.

We are International !!!

The production of these products has adopted the best food industry standards in United States / Turkey / Sri Lanka / Jordan, targeting the traditional markets in the United States, and Europe, as well as the promising markets in both the Middle East and Africa.

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