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Conferences & specialized gathering are considered to be two of the most important prop in developing the business of consulting in this era. They are two of the major impulsive for conducting laws which attract investors.
Conferences & workshops are considered to be the chance in which thoughts & opinions are exchanged among the governmental & private sectors and among all thoughtful trends.
We at ”  ” aim at propagandize Yemen as main destination for conducting conferences, workshops, regional, international meetings & organize the athletic events and we organize the following:

  • Provide booking at the best hotels accommodation.
  • Provide different options for conducting conferences, workshops, meetings & public events.
  • Provide all required equipments for conferences & different events.
  • Prepare celebrations & invitations on a very high level standard.
  • Arrange entry visas for participants.
  • Arrange domestic transportations.
  • Book flights & air tickets.
  • Provide security for VIPs.
  • Provide technical assistance for participants by using specialized experts.