with the first class Economic Consultant .

NF is executing economic feasibility studies based on realistic researches and advance studies, using information collected by local, regional, and international agencies and research centers.

economic consulting

Feasibility Studies

Data and information are analyzed quantitative and qualitative according to the study requirements itself, in addition, NF support the studies with factual information throughout a field research and questionnaires, relying on the latest statistical methodology used around the globe.

Some of the Services

Texplore investment opportunities, providing projects selection advices along with provisioning the information and data needed for the investor

organize the projects documentation for submission to the local and foreign organizations

prepare all environmental impact studies for the invested projects.

assess existing projects and identify the difficulties, finding the solutions and tools to help gaining success.

Support the partnership between the public and private sectors

Due to limited funding and the scarcity of financial means of most governments in the region; including Yemen, thus, the general trend is to focus on establishing a partnership between the public and private sectors.

NF Consulting presents its capabilities and experience to help government and private sector to create such type of partnership, with our ability to provide legal and practical application to implement the companies law between the public and private sector (PPP) and (BOT).

Improving investment environment

A good investment environment has a special attention at NF Consulting; that understands the reality of the well built investment environment and its impact to attract domestic and foreign investments.

Therefore, NF adopts a pioneering experiment centered around brainstorming through specialized workshops and seminars to help the government and the relevant authorities, to come out with practical recommendations to improve the investment environment.

Setting the terms of reference

Writing and preparing the terms of reference for projects and tenders
is important as much as the project itself, so that, NF Consulting is a company with skills and professionalism at such preparations.