Provide economic consulting to respond efficiently to the aspirations and needs of our clients according to professional standards of creative, and business development to achieve benefits and added value for the companies, public and private institutions


Consulting, research, study and developing ideal solutions for each case individually according to the advanced and sophisticated ideas with process to reach the desired goals and ambition of our clients.


  •  Credibility
  •  Trust
  •  Efficiency, Accuracy 
  •  Quality

Studies and Business Plans

NF Consulting designs services to fit all clients needs in order to improve and develop services, expanding the business through the best international standards practice within private and non-governmental organizations. All plans are designed and developed on deep business analysis, assessing both the external and internal

Strategic Development Plans

NF Consulting has a team of experienced consultants and professionals with ability to develop strategic plans for public and private sectors along. Identifying strategic options available from the priorities list measurement indicators, including creating the strategic vision and the developing five-ten years strategic plans.

Mystery Shopper

Measuring the service has always been a key to understand the real customer service standard. Therefore, companies and service institutions deliberately to use the art of mystery shopper to infer service weaknesses, and develop improvement, as well as learning more about the competitors, reflecting on the improvement of customer service standards.

TabCapacity Development

Continuous development

Personal skills

Marketing and sales Staff